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James R. Thomas takes young readers into the world of space travel, teaches them the importance of conservation, and also tackles the topic of helping children cope when a parent is deployed in the military. His writing style has been inspired by his military service and the challenges his own family faced with his deployment. He also wanted to bring his love of science fiction to life for children and teach them to be socially conscious of our planet.


In his books, he addresses a variety of life issues for young readers with his goal being to help children build an awareness of the world around them and to empower them to reach for the stars. Through his character, Joe Devlin, children can explore space travel of the future in the Intergalactic world of the Space Academy series. The series was inspired when James was being deployed to Afghanistan and promised to write a story for his son, which Joe Devlin was based upon. His conservation series teaches children the importance of keeping our planet healthy and safe while showing them that every single person, including the reader, can make an impact good or bad on the planet. Included in the 18 books that James has published thus far are two stand-alones. One covers the importance of telling the truth and the other teaches children about allergies.


James also has expanded internationally with a children’s book published in the French language. To round out his versatility as an author, James tapped into his own life experiences and crafted a series to help children cope with the deployment of a loved one.


James is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering and he holds an advanced degree in Business Administration. He is married with a son and a daughter and resides in Chesapeake, Virginia. When he is not writing, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing guitar and flying. James is currently working on a new Joe Devlin book to be released in 2016. You’re welcome to follow him on Facebook and Twitter


James is available to speak at local functions, schools and libraries, to include the Author Skype network at He also offers quantity discounts to schools and libraries wishing to purchase his books. James hopes that you and the child in your life, enjoy his stories.





The final book of the Space Academy Series...Joe Devlin: And the Renegades’ Toil


The final book of the Space Academy Series . . . Joe Devlin: And the Renegades’ Toil has been released on Amazon. It took me two years longer than planned, but I'm happy with the story.




Space Academy Series, book 5 Draft Sample from Author

Here are a few words for the 5th Joe Devlin book. Nothing final, rough in draft, but you can see something besides a blank, off focus screen.


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Joe Devlin books get Translated into Italian

My new Italian Facebook webpage. Joe Devlin and the New Star fighter has already been translated and books 2-4 are in the works.



SERIE Dell’accademia Spaziale


Benvenuti all'Accademia Spaziale!

Questa è la pagina italiana ufficiale dedicata alle avventure di Joe Devlin, un giovane cadetto dell'Accademia Spaziale che sogna di diventare uno Star Fighter, un pilota, come suo padre impegnato da tempo nella guerra contro i Touriani.

La serie è scritta da J.R.Thomas e comprende per il momento quattro libri, di cui il primo in arrivo prossimamente in Italia e il secondo già in traduzione.

Mettete un mi piace per stare connessi con le novità che arriveranno a breve.

The Fallen, POEM, by James R. Thomas
The Fallen, POEM, by James R. Thomas

The Fallen, POEM, by James R. Thomas

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Writer's Friend, Poem, by James R. Thomas


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Updated Cover
Updated Cover
My Mom is Going Away But She Will be Back One Day!: A Deployment Story - James R. Thomas

Updated Cover

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Joe Devlin: At the Enemy's Hand, book 4 of the Space Academy Series


First page of Joe Devlin: At the Enemy's Hand, book 4.


Copyrights James R. Thomas 2016


ISF Unity’s enormous superstructure glowed heavily against Bandor’s night, creating a halo effect when seen from space. Its brilliance made it impossible for Joe Devlin’s eyes to distinguish any artificial light surrounding the towering blaze for a great distance.


Joe was a now seventeen-year-old cadet who had been flying training missions that seasoned officers would have been jealous of. However, these flights were classified, known only to the top brass.


One month had passed from what had become recognized as the Battle of the Destiny Space Station, and the center core of the Unity’s hull still burned as hot as if it had just crashed. Only smaller sections of the ship, which broke off during its fiery descent through the atmosphere, lay cool throughout the countryside. The scene of the wreckage deeply pained Joe; it was a graphic reminder of his government’s failed strategy against the Tourians, and a symbol of a new-unknown and a very formidable enemy.

This video is about Free Form Poetry called My Life by James R. Thomas. James wrote this when he was deployed to Afghanistan.;postID=2572569956825478796;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=7;src=postname

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From the right side of Nelson's Star Fighter there was an eruption of cannon fire. A Tourian War vessel had him in its sights. A dozen rounds hit the fuel tanks on Nelson's left wing and smoke started to come from the engine. 


Joe Devlin has started his first year at the Space Academy and nothing has gone his way. His father's heroics in the Tri-Sun War are legendary and Joe has plans to follow in his father's footsteps to be a Star Fighter. While his father is deployed to the war, can Joe measure up to the task at hand? With the town in smoke, Joe better find out if he can fix what he messed up before his father discovers his secret. Reading ages 8+

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