Joe Devlin: At the Enemy's Hand, book 4 of the Space Academy Series


First page of Joe Devlin: At the Enemy's Hand, book 4.


Copyrights James R. Thomas 2016


ISF Unity’s enormous superstructure glowed heavily against Bandor’s night, creating a halo effect when seen from space. Its brilliance made it impossible for Joe Devlin’s eyes to distinguish any artificial light surrounding the towering blaze for a great distance.


Joe was a now seventeen-year-old cadet who had been flying training missions that seasoned officers would have been jealous of. However, these flights were classified, known only to the top brass.


One month had passed from what had become recognized as the Battle of the Destiny Space Station, and the center core of the Unity’s hull still burned as hot as if it had just crashed. Only smaller sections of the ship, which broke off during its fiery descent through the atmosphere, lay cool throughout the countryside. The scene of the wreckage deeply pained Joe; it was a graphic reminder of his government’s failed strategy against the Tourians, and a symbol of a new-unknown and a very formidable enemy.